Yannick Hanfmann: 'Rafael Nadal was a bit nervous at start'

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Yannick Hanfmann: 'Rafael Nadal was a bit nervous at start'

In a press conference, Yannick Hanfmann analyzed his straight-set loss to Rafael Nadal. The German player lost 6-2 6-1 6-3 and he tries to take what's positive from this match against the 11-time tournament winner. "Obviously great experience for me.

The atmosphere, the court itself, like, it feels amazing to just play there. But then I also had to, like, focus a little bit on the match itself and make it a little bit smaller, and it's actually pretty big, a lot of people.

And I've got to focus on me, and that's what I tried to do. Sometimes I feel like I was a little bit focusing a little bit out there, like, watching the people and stuff, but it's a bit of a battle. You have to play your match and be with yourself and not let it get to you, you know.

But great experience. A little bit disappointed, obviously, that I lost, but yeah." "First game a little bit disappointing. But I knew, you know, if my weapons, if they work, I wanted to return aggressively. I wanted to have some big serves, play some drop shots.

And I feel like these two things, my big serve and my drop shots let me down a little bit today. But obviously, there's also pressure on these shots. You know, I know they need to work to be able to do some damage. And I feel like in the first game I did some good returns.

And obviously, Rafa is also a bit nervous. You can see that. And, you know, I took my chances there. And, yeah, I wish I would have seen what happens, you know, after maybe a break and then maybe I can hold and maybe it goes a little bit differently.

But, you know, I had my match plan and, yeah, some of the things they didn't work out well, but, I mean, that's why he's as good as he is."