Rafael Nadal: 'Winning in straight sets was the main thing'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Winning in straight sets was the main thing'

Rafael Nadal defeated Yannick Hanfmann in straight sets to reach the French Open second round. In a press conference the Spaniard was asked how it feels to play on the new Philippe Chatrier stadium: "Being honest, the feeling to play in this court is not a big difference.

I think is the same. I don't have different feelings. The court by itself, okay, in terms of the visual game, we can talk about small differences, but in terms of playing tennis, I think is the same. The wind is coming the same way.

Still a very, very big court. I don't see any difference in playing tennis here. It was the first round, and I did a lot of things well. Not many mistakes. Being very solid all the time. Just, of course, is the beginning and the first round is more about talking about what I have to do better.

What I did very well today is just about general feeling, and general feeling has been positive this afternoon. Happy to be through to the second round, and that's the main thing today and with straight sets, positive feelings.

Just happy for that", said Nadal. On his next match against Yannick Maden, the 32-year-old added: "I saw play Yannick last year in Munich against Zverev. So I remember a little bit that. And then today with YouTube you can find things.

I saw some highlights of his matches, and you have an idea. Of course, is different when you never played before. You can create an idea about what he does, no? And that's what I did. Just research a little bit on YouTube and with some videos and for after tomorrow gonna be the same for me personally. But at the end of the day, for me is about playing well myself and knowing a little bit the opponent helps."