Facing Ebden is better than Nadal or Djokovic, says Barrere

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Facing Ebden is better than Nadal or Djokovic, says Barrere

Gregoire Barrere defeated Matthew Ebden in four sets, 6-3 5-7 7-5 6-1, to reach the French Open second round. In a press conference, the Frenchman was asked if he feels relieved: "Yes, very relieved. It's always difficult to play the first round in Grand Slam, especially in Roland when you're French.

We have tension. I had never won a match in a Grand Slam. I had already qualified but I had lost three or four times in the first round. So it's clear that I'm really relieved that I went through. There is no easy draw in the Grand Slam.

He's not a specialist in clay. I'm not a specialist, either. So maybe it was a good first round for him, also. So indeed it gives a bit more opportunity than Nadal or Djokovic in the first round, but there is no easy match, as you saw on the field, it was complicated.

Second and third sets were very tough but I'm very satisfied with winning in four sets. It was very tough, but I didn't give in and I'm very happy." "I don't feel so old. Of course, I'm not a young hope like a 20-year-old player, but now the careers can last until 35.

So for many players, I think we have made progress on physical preparation and recovery. So for me I still have 10 years ahead of me, so I see step by step I would like to get into the top 100 very soon. That's the objective of the season.

I don't have any limit in terms of ranking. I try to progress physically, mentally, and I'll see where I go. Of course, if I enter the top 100 in two weeks, in two months, it's not my objective. I just try to progress on a daily basis to put everything, what I practice, and then the ranking has to follow."