Rafael Nadal: 'I love spending time with kids'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I love spending time with kids'

In a press conference, Rafael Nadal spoke about his relationship with kids. The Spaniard replied: "I always had a good connection with the kids, no? Being honest. I love the kids, in general. I love to spend time with them.

I don't know. Being honest, I think I am natural, no, no, no, passionate, that's all, no? But is good to have all around kids. It's great news because they are the future of this sport. Not only like tennis players.

Like fans, too. Is good to have all these young men and women around." Nadal was asked if the clay is the surface where he enjoys the most to play on. The Spaniard replied: "I had fun in all the surfaces. Normally is the most fun when you win (smiling).

It's true in clay I win more than in the rest of the surfaces, but I enjoy playing in all the surfaces. I have been very competitive in every surface. Sometimes people think that I am a clay-court player because I achieved all the things that I achieved on clay, but on hard I achieved a lot, too (smiling). And grass. Indoors less (smiling)."