Rafael Nadal plays like a warrior, he has not so many weapons - Sanchez


Rafael Nadal plays like a warrior, he has not so many weapons - Sanchez

In an interview, tennis coach Emilio Sanchez Vicario commented on Rafael Nadal's fighting spirit. The Spaniard said: "What I admire the most about him is his ability to go through difficulties. The best (version of) Nadal always goes through the most complicated times.

He managed to focus to be the best possible opponent and competitor. He faces matches like a warrior who fights with all his weapons regardless of what the top prime has. Achieving so many successes with so few weapons is what I admire the most.

Competition motivates him. What he enjoys the most is to compete again and doing it like a gladiator. If some days he decides to stop competing in tennis I think he will keep competing in other things because his nature is to compete." On the Spanish tennis possibly not getting as much success as in the past, Sanchez Vicario concluded: "Since when we came, every generation was better: Bruguera, Corretja, Moyà, Ferrero, Ferrer… until that Nadal, who is the best, came.

He did things that are impossible to do. Who comes next? Very good players but they are not like Nadal. Carreño, Bautista, Ramos Carballès, Munar… They are good players, top 100 but you have to see where they get." Analyzing his third-round win over David Goffin, Nadal said: "I played against an excellent player.

So, well, the match of today is very positive. I won a victory against a very difficult opponent, one of the most difficult opponents for the fourth round. Played very well for a long time."

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