Lucas Pouille: 'I prefer playing Martin Klizan than Rafael Nadal'

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Lucas Pouille: 'I prefer playing Martin Klizan than Rafael Nadal'

In a press conference, Lucas Pouille analyzed his five-set loss to Martin Klizan. The Frenchman was asked if Klizan can be the worst possible opponent when he lacks confidence. "I prefer playing Klizan than Rafa still", said Pouille.

"But then today I had opportunities. I was in a position to win the match. I led. I was ahead of many times between yesterday and today. So indeed he's capable of being very good. He was excellent at some times. But I was not able to conclude, so it's not really related to him."

Analyzing the match overall, Pouille added: "I won the set and I broke back. I led 5-3 and what happened is that I was broken back at 5-4. As I said, he had a beautiful game. He played two winning backhands. Between the restart and the end of the match, it was the only two backhand winners he played.

And then we were 5-All, no tiebreak, and it was one point here or there. And the 7-All I was leading 15-Love, I missed 15-30, and then I miss and I didn't make him play and then it seemed he misses after the serve. But after we came back, it was better than yesterday."

On his brother Mischa going through a burnout, Alexander Zverev said: "I am aware. We had a discussion in Geneva. I said: 'Look, your strokes are pretty good right now but you are down mentally' He puts pressure on himself because he didn't win much and got family now. But things will change soon."