Rafael Nadal: 'My 11 French Open titles can be repeated in the future'

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Rafael Nadal: 'My 11 French Open titles can be repeated in the future'

In a press conference, Rafael Nadal commented on what makes the French Open unbelievable. "What happened here, something really unbelievable, no? I don't know what can happen in the future or not. I am trying my best to compete well and to give a chance to be where I am today.

Now gonna have tough match against Kei or Benoit. So that's my goal now. But of course, yeah, 11 here already is something really unbelievable. I always say the same. Looks, I know, for the most of you, and even for me, looks so difficult to increase that number for anyone in the future.

But if I did, I consider myself a normal person if I did. Probably gonna come somebody and gonna do it." Asked how his birthday celebrations have changed over the years - Nadal turns 33 on Monday - he added: "Not much, because celebrations are, of course, not that good when I am not here, because that means that I lost or I have been injured.

But in terms of party, is higher when I am at home than when I am here. Tomorrow what can I do? Just celebrate here a little bit with the people from the tournament, all the workers there that, being honest, for me, they are so special, because I always had an amazing relationship with all of them.

And then probably have dinner, a small dinner. But I play the next day, so not a big thing. And I am not happy to be 33 already (smiling)."