Do not compare anyone to Rafael Nadal, says David Ferrer

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Do not compare anyone to Rafael Nadal, says David Ferrer

In an interview to Eurosport, David Ferrer praised Rafael Nadal's legacy in tennis. The 37-year-old said: "You have to appreciate and enjoy him for what he has done in the world of tennis and for the luck that he is Spaniard.

When Rafa ends, you will not have another player like him. It's impossible, complicated. Do not compare anyone to him. We who played tennis knows how difficult it is." What was the toughest thing in playing the French Open? "I think the beginning.

Playing at the best of five sets for the first time since the Australian Open, long matches. A Grand Slam made you have fear. The first set of the first match was the most complicated one." Asked how he feels to be for the first time in the French Open not as a professional player, Ferrer replied: "Much calmer.

In the past, before the tournament, I used to be nervous because I was looking forward to playing Now I am visiting places I could not visit." Nadal was asked which success over Roger Federer was the most special in the French Open history.

The Swiss player indicated his 2006 straight-set final win. "I was coming back from a major injury because I did not know if it could allow me to play at the level I used to and the doctors were not that optimistic. That was one of the major moments in my career and at a personal level for all the complicated months I went through with my family and team. That's a unique memory", said Nadal.