Rod Laver: 'What Rafael Nadal has done at French Open was unthinkable'

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Rod Laver: 'What Rafael Nadal has done at French Open was unthinkable'

What's more impressive between the Rafael Nadal's 11 French Open titles and Novak Djokovic going for his fourth consecutive Major win for the second time in a row? In an interview to Marca, Rod Laver said: "The two things have its difficulty but what Rafa has done in this tournament is something nobody could imagine.

He loves the European clay swing. When Bjorn Borg won six almost in a row, we thought that it was a record that would have stayed for a long time and that the would not be anybody like him. Then Rafa and his 11 wins came."

Laver also commented on how the French Open has evolved: "To me, the court itself seems to me a little quicker. Whether the base is a little harder -- I watched, I guess, Novak yesterday -- yes, yesterday. It's amazing.

They are hitting the ball so hard. And so it's not a clay court game that we saw, you know, back in the '60s, because, you know, I guess back to the composite racquets, you didn't have the speed with a wooden racquet.

But now they're eight feet or ten feet behind the baseline, and they're hitting winners against various opponents. It's totally different, but it's also the same. The clay courts are, you know, one where you enjoy the competition, but it's a slow game when you see, you know, just like Wawrinka, just over five-hour match. So you've got to learn to be fit and be steady and keep those errors out of your game."