Rafael Nadal is less stronger physically than in the past, says Mouratoglou

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Rafael Nadal is less stronger physically than in the past, says Mouratoglou

Serena Williams' coach Patrick Mouratoglou believes there is a clear reason behind Rafael Nadal's choice to deliver an aggressive gamestyle. The Frenchman said: "I would like Rafa to be stronger physically, I think he has less big strength than some years ago.

I will be intrigued to see him play four or five sets. High intensity. Like in the Australian Open, Rafa starts his matches in an aggressive way because he is not sure to be able to keep the distance. But he lost in the final and he admitted he could not prepare his defence game since he only had the attack."

Meanwhile, Rod Laver praised the Spaniard: "Nadal and his forehand, how does he do it? That's real art and in order to win he fixed it." On how he sees the future of tennis, Laver concluded: "I do not manage to look too much beyond in the years.

I look at my shoulders, at Rosewall, Hoad, Gonzales, Trabert, some of my favourite champions who built their career. I was looking at them, I admired and said: 'I want to mark the planet with my racket.' The examples are important, I had them, younger players had them.

Everything depends on your commitment." In an interview to L'Equipe, the former top ten player Marc Rosset was asked who among Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic will end up with the most number of Grand Slam titles.

"I learned something with those guys, it's impossible to make predictions", said Rosset. "The impossible word in sports cannot be used. Otherwise, Nadal would not win 11 times here, Roger would not have won 20 Grand Slam titles, Usain Bolt would not have run in 9.58 seconds, and Michael Phelps would not have 23 gold medals."