Facing Thiem and not Djokovic is better for Rafael Nadal - Coach

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Facing Thiem and not Djokovic is better for Rafael Nadal - Coach

In an interview to Cope, the Rafael Nadal' coach Francis Roig commented on the Spanish player's win over Roger Federer and what it means to reach the French Open championship clash again. "When we were in the seventh, eight, ninth final, those were unthinkable numbers.

And with 12 it's the same too. I think he will win again. I was optimistic ahead of today's match. The strong wind could have been a bit worrying. We wanted to make Roger run and the wind complicates it. But it's difficult for the Swiss too.

Despite that, we saw a good match and in the key moments Rafa was superb as always", said Roig. Before the Dominic Thiem's win over Novak Djokovic, Roig was asked who between the two he would have liked to win. "I would prefer Thiem to Djokovic.

They are both difficult to face. It's always better that the best rivals lose. Rafa has enough experience. We will be ready for the final." Meanwhile on Thiem's win, the coach Nicolas Massu said: "It was history, this match.

It start yesterday, was suspended, like, two, three times, and then again today. Was more than four hours. Is not easy when you are in the court and suspended because of the rain one time, you have to go to the locker, and then you have to come back.

Sometimes you're winning, sometimes you're losing. But is not easy. It doesn't matter sometimes the result. Yeah, yesterday was so windy. Today less. So the conditions today was a little bit better. But anyway, was incredible match.

I mean, semifinal of a slam, playing against the No. 1 in the world, 8-6 [sic] in the fifth. Is unbelievable feelings for him like a player and for me like a coach."