Rafael Nadal reveals what his next tournament will be

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Rafael Nadal reveals what his next tournament will be

After the French Open Rafael Nadal will take rest and will skip the Fever-Tree Championships in Queen's. The Spaniard had committed to the British event from 2016 to 2018 always withdrawing, while this time he is not in the entry list.

Nadal will be back in action at Wimbledon. "I know I played a great event last year. I have been able to be very close to winning another title there," he said about The Championships. "As everybody knows, I love to play on grass.

And as everybody knows, I am not able to play so many weeks in a row as I did ten years ago, eight years ago. So I have to do my schedule. Honestly, the last two years that I played in Wimbledon, I felt close again. Even if the first year has been that match against Muller, I played great tennis there too.

I was very close to being in the quarterfinals, and last year I was one point away to that final. So I will not play before Wimbledon, of course. The experience says that having the right preparation then, practicing well, and maybe a couple of matches, I don't know, before there.

I felt competitive last couple of years, so why I need to change that? What give me better chance is being healthy more than play a lot of matches before." The Spaniard lost to Novak Djokovic in the semi-final of Wimbledon 2018.