Nadal: 'I don't think Thiem was more tired because of battle vs Djokovic'

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Nadal: 'I don't think Thiem was more tired because of battle vs Djokovic'

Rafael Nadal was asked if he saw Dominic Thiem being tired in the French Open final after the long battle won over Novak Djokovic. The Spaniard said: "It is question for Dominic more than for me, because I don't know his feelings.

But he's 25 or 26. 25? In terms of physical terms, I don't think he was more tired. For that, in terms of routines, of course change a little bit the routines when you play the day before. So probably in the ideal world for him would be better to have the day off yesterday.

But at the same time, he's young. He's very fitted, very well-prepared for all this stuff. And sometimes play just the day before hold your adrenaline high during the kind of match he won yesterday. I don't know. Of course, I saw him very well physically today.

I don't think was a physical issue. Then we need to ask him if he was very tired or not. But he was running a lot (smiling). It was a good level of tennis. I think at the beginning of the third set was the key, in my opinion.

But have been a brutal first set, and then he was able to win the second, too. I don't know." Asked how different he is compared to the first time he won here in 2005, Nadal replied: "It's like we all evolve in this life, and obviously the way you feel also changes with time.

But the first one was extremely moving, because it was the first one, obviously. Now, being able at this time in my career to get another victory is obviously a great satisfaction and a great happiness. I thank all the people who support me, my family, my team for their great support, which I need, which is necessary for me."