Rafael Nadal: After the second set, I left the court to be clear-minded

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Rafael Nadal: After the second set, I left the court to be clear-minded

Rafael Nadal talked about what happened against Dominic Thiem after losing the second set. The Spaniard left the court and he returned in a strong manner in the third. "I had to go to the bathroom, to the men's room.

But also, I wanted to think and be clear-minded and go back to the court with the right mindset to keep control of the match, because up till then I hadn't felt that. He had served well. Every time I was in a bad position after he served because, with someone like Dominic, it's very difficult to return.

He hits very hard. I managed to hit the first ball from a good position. But with him, it's very difficult to return when he's in attacking position. So I analyzed things, and I felt that I had to solve this particular problem.

For the rest, I was playing well. But the important thing seemed to be not to give him the advantage when he was serving well and I had problems returning." On Federer's 20 Majors, Nadal added: "It's a motivation, but it's not my obsession.

If you ask me whether I would like it, of course. If that's a goal in my career, no. It's not what makes me get up every morning or go and train and play. It's not the way in which I view the sport, and it's not the way in which I consider my sports career.

I want to follow my own journey, give myself the best opportunities, and give myself the possibility of competing at the highest level. And if I end up in a position like that of today where I'm the one who won most Roland Garros in history, well, all very well.

But I don't think my future will be worth any more if I equal Federer's record or if I do something like Djokovic or whatever. I consider that I'm going much further than I dreamt about in my career. I'm having a very long and successful career, obviously.

I have been able to have great experiences. And if it weren't for tennis, I wouldn't have lived these experiences now. But my career, we'll see where I stand in general terms. But as I said in English before you asked the question, this is the last thing that I was thinking about, honestly. I just value my playing and having this beautiful career more than anything."