I never thought Rafael Nadal would lose to Dominic Thiem, says uncle Toni

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I never thought Rafael Nadal would lose to Dominic Thiem, says uncle Toni

Toni Nadal analyzed his nephew Rafael's French Open success. "I think the next year he will be the favorite again. I know that if he plays at a good level, he is the favorite, because he fits very well to the conditions and he won so many times."

Toni also recalled the first triumph in 2005: "It's far away but I remember well of when we won, they interviewed me and I got emotional in seeing my nephew winning the first title. I thought that at 18 years he had achieved what many people do not achieve in an entire career, winning a Major.

I was like, We have this calmness for the entire career. 14 years after, Rafael managed to lift the trophy for the 12th time. In the meantime there were logical chances due to his age and he left things along the way adding others.

He improved his volley and backhand, despite now he goes losing speed on the forehand and his legs do not run that much as before." Toni said he never got afraid of losing the final to Thiem: "I am used to be very careful looking at the opponent's face and i did not see Dominic's with the strength he usually has or had in the first set.

He was looking at his team, he thought that he was reaching the limit. Rafa went leading 4-0 very quickly. The key was that Rafael managed to give back the ball on the forehand and backhand, Thiem could not hit at full speed, he was hitting many times going behind and Rafael had the chance to play inside the court."