Carlos Moya: In tough times I was more a friend than coach for Rafael Nadal

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Carlos Moya: In tough times I was more a friend than coach for Rafael Nadal

In an interview, Rafael Nadal's coach Carlos Moya commented on the Spanish player's 12th French Open title. Moya said: "In order to get through the bad moments I was more a friend than a coach for him. All the team realized he was going through a bad time, and there you leave your face as a coach and you act as a friend, someone he can speak to and can listen to him.

Not only me but the entire team. The Rome Open win put aside his doubts. Winning Rome gave him the confidence he needed to believe he was playing well again. I do not see a player will win the same Major for 12 times. I see many people working very hard and they never win a Grand Slam, what he did is out of the world."

Asked about Roger Federer's 20 Majors, Moya added: "We do not want to speak about it now. Let's enjoy this moment, it has been very tough two months, and then we will see what happens." On Nadal, Marc Lopez said: "There is nothing to say about him, no words.

He fights every day to be better, he won in Rome and Paris. He is at another level and we should be proud of him." Nadal was asked what was the most important match for him over those two weeks: "I would say it's (this match).

He (Thiem) has been the most difficult opponent, and it has been the most difficult match. So, I would say it's this one. No, I wouldn't say that with any of the other matches I was able to say that with this I'm going to get my 12th title.

This was not what I had in mind. Maybe I needed this kind of approach in Rome, for example, thinking, Well, I must go and win to be able to go to Paris. No. What I felt was I had to play well. And when I got here, I was feeling good and I was playing tennis properly.

And when this happens, then my options are, Well, am I going to win or lose? Well, it depends on the match. Anything can happen."