Nadal's win over Roger Federer was the key at the French Open - Bollettieri

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Nadal's win over Roger Federer was the key at the French Open - Bollettieri

In an interview to Spox, Nick Bollettieri commented on Rafael Nadal's French Open win over Dominic Thiem. The American believes that the Austrian was tired. "I think the five-set win against Novak Djokovic in the semifinals had a big impact and it costed him a lot of energy.

On the other side we have to be honest: Rafa will always be Rafa. The clay in Paris is his home. He will be in history as the king of clay. It does not matter how difficult it can be, in the end he will always win on clay. But I have to say that Rafael's convinced me in the semifinals against Roger Federer.

The way he changed strategy and got much closer to the baseline was very important for this match and an excellent move." How many years does Nadal have left? "It's always the same question every year and the answer could basically be the same.

Everything depends on his body. We should never forget how Rafa's game influences his body. He jumps, slides, the way he covers the court makes it so dangerous. If he stays healthy and the body allows him, he can win Paris more times."

On Thiem's potential, Bollettieri concluded: "Thiem has all what a Grand Slam champion needs. He has everything. His forehand is enormous and one of the best on tour. He has a good serve and a great one-handed backhand. He can do everything. He has the game to win a Major not just on clay", he concluded.