Fabio Fognini: 'I discovered Rafael Nadal's weaknesses and I beat him'

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Fabio Fognini: 'I discovered Rafael Nadal's weaknesses and I beat him'

Fabio Fognini was interviewed by Sky Sport in Italy. The 32-year-old spoke about what means for him cracking the top ten rankings. "I still struggle a bit in understanding what's happening, seeing that number next to my name.

It's a dream come true, now I want to do more. I won a big tournament, I achieved the top ten and I always liked to do well in a Grand Slam. I would sign to play the fourth round or quarter-finals because it's a historical result but playing a Major final would be the icing on the cake.

Now I want to enjoy it, I made a lot of effort, winning in Monte Carlo changed the expectations and I know how to handle some moments." On what the loss and win means to him: "The loss hurts because any human being tries to do his job in the best possible way.

Sometimes I do not handle it that well. I do not like losing and I know that if you win a title over 20 weeks you play in, you have to celebrate because in the remaining 19 you lose. It's the beauty of the sport. The win lasts too less, but it's a reward for the work done because on that day you were better than your opponent and you are aware that the following day you have the chance to improve."

On Rafael Nadal's 12th French Open title, Fognini concluded: "Rafa is unique, he is not human because winning 12 times the French Open is something that does not exist. I faced him, I suffered tough losses more times and the last time I won in Monte Carlo against him.

We always fought. In the beginning, playing against Nadal put you a bit of pressure, before the match you see him jumping up and down in the locker room and mentally he won it already before heading into the court. Then I calmed down, I started knowing him because the more you play with those legends, the more you take something from them. I knew his weaknesses and I made him struggle. Before, I did not have that belief."