'Nadal is one of the best athletes ever, Thiem will win French Open' -Massu

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'Nadal is one of the best athletes ever, Thiem will win French Open' -Massu

In an interview to Marca, Dominic Thiem's coach Nicolas Massu commented on the Austrian player's loss to Rafael Nadal in the French Open final. Massu said: "The first two sets were the best I saw him playing in a long time.

After the second set, Dominic dropped his energy and that made a difference. If Thiem rested more, he would have been better." On Nadal's 12th French Open title, the Chilean added: "Rafa is an unbelievable champion, an example for all the athletes and kids.

We are facing one of the best athletes ever. Winning 12 times in Paris may not happen again." On the Thiem's future, Massu added: "I think Dominic will win the French Open. He is 25 years old, he is prepared and he has a champion's mindset.

He will definitely win in Paris one day." On how his co-operation with Thiem has gone so far, Massu concluded: It's true that we have been working together for three months and we have had incredible results. Three weeks after I started working with him, he won Indian Wells, and then we talked a lot about what he was looking for.

We communicate very well. Because when I used to play, I had more or less the same thoughts as he has now. Should I play with one hand? Two hands? He plays with one hand, I played with two, but we thought about things in the same way.

And he is trying to improve his results. He's been many years on the tour, but I also played with some of the players he's playing with. From what I see, I think he can still improve things. As I said, on a fast court, he can move forward, backwards, catch the ball earlier.

He can go up to the net. He has a lot of courage. He can hit very well."