In 200 years people will talk about Nadal's 12 French Opens - Rusedski

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In 200 years people will talk about Nadal's 12 French Opens - Rusedski

In an interview to BBC Sport, the former world no. 4 Greg Rusedski praised Rafael Nadal. The Briton is amazed by the Spanish player's 12 French Opens. "This is the unbreakable record. Most players don't win 12 titles in their careers, he has won 12 clay-court majors at Roland-Garros.

When we're dead, in 200 years from now, people will be talking about Rafael Nadal winning 12 French Opens. It is incomprehensible. This is the Tour de France of tennis and to do it 12 times is superhuman." Rusedski also commented on the next generation trying to break the Big Three's dominance: "The last 'next generation' had a lot of war wounds against the likes of Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and [Andy] Murray, they didn't necessarily believe they could possibly beat these guys.

But I think the new guys - led by Stefanos Tsitsipas, Felix Auger-Aliassime, Denis Shapovalov - this generation may not have the same war wounds. in a couple of years obviously Roger will be nearly 40 and Rafa and Novak will be in their mid-30s - if they are all still playing then.

To do what they are doing is unheard of. It is still those big three and the other guys are trying to knock on the door. We want to see one of those younger guys take a Slam." In an interview to AS, Rafael Nadal' coach Francis Roig praised the Spanish player's work ethics.

Following the 12th French Open title, the Barcelona native coach said: "A very few things surprise me about Rafa, he is able to reinvent himself, going through situations that you think are very difficult and he finds ways for them: the passion he has for the sport, the fight against injuries...

Among the Big Three, he is the one who has the biggest credit because he had many injuries and his game is given more by the work, he has not a weapon like a serve which instead the other two have, he has to work more and now he is an unbelievable moment."