Toni Nadal: 'Rafael can play until 37-38 years of age like Roger Federer'

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Toni Nadal: 'Rafael can play until 37-38 years of age like Roger Federer'

In an interview to AP, Rafael Nadal's uncle Toni was asked for how much time his nephew will be able to play at a high level. "Federer is 37, Rafael is 33, then maybe until 37, 38. I do not know. That depends on him. It depends whether he wants to do (it).

At the end, he has to think about whether you want that or not. Many years ago I heard that Rafael's career would be short. And when they told me what I thought about it, I said, Nothing. I hope that they make a mistake. It's an opinion.

Rafael has been in the top 10 for more than 14 years. A little bit more than Pete Sampras", said Toni. "I do not think he is stronger than the past. Against Roger Federer in 2008 the level was higher than today. In 2010 he was equally strong.

But he defeated a very good opponent, Dominic Thiem. The level was really good. The serve may be a bit better now, as well as the backhand. He tried to be better every day and that's the most important thing." In an interview to AP the Dominic Thiem's physioterapist Alex Stober commented on the Austrian player dropping his level against Rafael Nadal in the third and fourth sets during the French Open final.

“Maybe, he was running out of fuel a little at the end", admitted Stober. In an interview to TennisNet last year, Stober had shared an interesting opinion on Fabio Fognini: "He is a crazy dog. Interesting. He never gets bored.

Just an exciting guy. I think coaches got older very soon with Fabio. But when he is at a good level, he is dangerous."