Rafael Nadal never accepts defeats, he is an example - Dominic Thiem' coach

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Rafael Nadal never accepts defeats, he is an example - Dominic Thiem' coach

Nicolas Massu feels proud of Dominic Thiem's French Open run. In a press conference, the Chilean said: "Dominic is very strong mentally. And when he played his best tennis, he's the one who did it most consistently throughout the year.

So he's able to play well for the longest time. As he showed today and with earlier tournaments, he is a great player. He has talent. He has the shots. He has everything, which is why he's here now. But tennis, there are various things.

There is the physical part, the mental part, the strokes. He has huge potential. And if he can manage it properly, he can have the results. I consider him playing very well." Massu also praised Rafael Nadal: "Rafa, as I said earlier, apart from being a great player, a great person, a great fighter, is an example for youth, for children who play tennis through his image.

He never gives himself for defeat. He never accepts defeat." Massu believes Thiem will have other chances to beat Nadal on clay as he has done it in the past: "Having won several times against him on this surface can give you confidence.

Not many people have done it. Dominic is one of them. This happened to me when I was playing, and it happens to any player when you get a victory against a player or you have had a positive result. You can face the situation with more confidence.

On the other hand, and I said it in English earlier, Rafa is an incredible player, and I think many years will pass before anyone can surpass him. He won here as a junior, and then he won I don't know how many times."