Dominic Thiem: There won't be a new Rafael Nadal again

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Dominic Thiem: There won't be a new Rafael Nadal again

Dominic Thiem admitted that defeating Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal in the French Open over just 24 hours would have been really tough. After his four-set loss to the Spaniard on Sunday, the Austrian player said: "(On Saturday), I had one of the biggest wins in my career, it was a unique thing but also brutal in our sport, that I won six matches, beat one of the biggest legends in the game on Saturday and not even 24 hours after I face another unbelievable legend.

That shows how difficult winning a Major is. I did not manage to achieve my biggest goal in tennis." He also said, "I think that there will never be anyone like Nadal, and I think there will never be another Grand Slam where a player wins 12 times.

I do not want to say when I will win it, because there are unbelievably good young players that we do not even know, so I am disappointed the second change got away. What I am thinking about is that I am continuing to work correctly."

Finally, he added, "I do not know how different having a day off would have been, but in the final I did not feel tired, I was full of adrenaline, it's a Grand Slam final that you do not probably play often in your life.

Last year I was totally empty, I got cooler after the quarter-finals, the body had gotten to the finish line while today I headed into the court to win the match,"