Rafael Nadal can win ten more French Open titles, jokes Kuerten

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Rafael Nadal can win ten more French Open titles, jokes Kuerten

In an interview to Omnisport, the three-time French Open winner Gustavo Kuerten commented on Rafael Nadal's 12th title in the Parisean Grand Slam. The Brazilian said: "It's already impressive enough for us to discuss how the next, or the third or the fifth he will get.

It's already beyond. He already did the impossible, so it's one more line of the beauty, one more flower at the garden. But we are already watching the Matisse painting. It's there. If we do 10, 12, 15 replicas of this art it's better for us.

But that's enough for us, enough of beauty to understand that's a masterpiece." Kuerten also laughed when he was asked how many more Majors Nadal can win: "Ten more! This is the Rafa mode so we are already seeing the impossible.

We cannot expect anything less than this, [along] these same lines. So he will have normally a good chance of winning and being the favourite for the next three years." Toni Nadal said: “I think the passion is very important.

But of course he has very good talent. Many times I heard that he has normal talent. When he arrives to one ball there and makes this [hits a curling forehand] and the ball goes on the line, that’s big talent. He has 18 grand slams, even though 15 times he couldn’t play in grand slams. If he had won some of these 15, then we would be talking differently”.