Rafael Nadal's lowest point was in Barcelona, says coach Roig

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Rafael Nadal's lowest point was in Barcelona, says coach Roig

Francis Roig praised Rafael Nadal's French Open title. Roig started working with Nadal as a coach back in 2005. "He has such a passion. We love working with him. He is not just a great sportsman but a person too. I am very happy because we know what he goes through, the pressure he feels.

It's difficult to find adjectives. He was having a bit of letdown, he was not well prepared mentally and physically. In Barcelona, he touched the rock bottom and the match against Dominic Thiem was a click. He saw himself at a good level, healthy and his confidence boosted", said Roig in an interview to Onda Cero.

Roig also praised Dominic Thiem and Nadal: "They are two animals. They are the players who have the highest intensity on clay by far, Rafa is 33 years old and he is 25, so we had to suffer..." On Nadal's next goals, Roig concluded: "Our goal is to take a rest and do as best as possible at Wimbledon.

You need to be lucky, many things need to happen, you have to be doing well. Winning a Major is very tough. Last year he played an unbelievable match against Novak Djokovic, he was so close. He can win." Carlos Moya said: "He is a person who always wants to listen.

He is constantly in conversation and he stays humble. Very few things surprise me. Day after day, he is able to question himself and he always manages to find ways when he has to face adversities. And he stays passionate about the sport."