Philippe Chatrier should be renamed after Rafael Nadal - Coach

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Philippe Chatrier should be renamed after Rafael Nadal - Coach

In an interview to Onda Cero, Carlos Moya commented on Rafael Nadal's French Open title. "He was impressive, (had a) great level and a great tournament. It was hard but going through this path was well worth. We are living something unbelievable and in many years we will remember it.

You do not forget those things. It's something never seen. It's difficult to repeat it. Nobody will overcome it. There was too much intensity. Dominic is the best player physically, brutal rhythm in the two sets. Dominic spent too much energy and he was influenced by that.

The third set was the key. Rafa's ability to go through difficulties is something difficult to imagine for people." Moya also recalled the conversation he had with Nadal in 2016 before starting to work together: "I convinced him that he could be the no.

1 again and win big titles. But we as a team do the job and we help the player. But it's him who goes through tough moments." Moya helped Nadal's game evolve: "Playing against him, having been his opponent, you understand what he can improve and evolve on, what his weaknesses are.

He had to be more aggressive and finish points earlier." Asked if the French Open should name Court Philippe Chatrier after Rafael Nadal, Moya concluded: "They should! There will never be something like him. It should be the right time. He needs to be doing well physically, be injury-free and well prepared for Wimbledon."