Nadal: '2013 French Open against Djokovic was where I got closest to lose'

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Nadal: '2013 French Open against Djokovic was where I got closest to lose'

Rafael Nadal was asked what was his toughest match win in the French Open. The Spaniard won 93 matches out of 95 there. "Maybe the semifinal against Novak Djokovic in 2013. Out of the 93 matches, I won is the one where I was most close to losing", admitted Nadal to Marca.

On how he deals with his injuries, he added: "I do not want to say all the things that happen to me because then you see me as a martyr. And instead I consider myself as a lucky person. Before the French Open I felt ready.

Maybe some years I felt, I would not say unbeatable, because i never felt it, but more confident with myself because I was coming from a good momentum during the year. This year I felt relatively well from the first day. I knew I could compete until the end.

Then everything can happen and it can turn complicated like the final against Thiem. You cannot play thinking if something happens or not. During a match, I focus on my game and the ball, not my body." On how the Philippe Chatrier will look like in the next years as a roof and lights will be introduced, Nadal concluded: "I do not know the things that will happen in the future.

I do not like to play a lot to play on clay. It's a rare situation in which we are not used to. But I think it's good for the fan and a needed Evolution for the sport. I am happy and you have to congratulate Roland Garros and the French Tennis Federation that made this investment on tennis. Roland Garros will always be Roland Garros. Nothing changes."