Rafael Nadal can break all the records, says Sanchez Vicario


Rafael Nadal can break all the records, says Sanchez Vicario

Emilio Sanchez Vicario, Spanish tennis coach, praised Rafael Nadal. "Nadal is adding a page behind the other to a history book. What Rafa is achieving is so complicated that finding adjectives is tough. This year he had started in a different way, like a normal player, losing sometimes and in the final, he delivered a high-level game.

12 French Opens is unthinkable for any player. Nadal is seeking wins and, except on grass, where Federer is the best, I think he has more chances. I think he has many chances to break all the records." On the new Davis Cup format, Sanchez Vicario added: "I do not know what will happen because it was never like this.the Davis Cup was a thing that will not be the same again.

The tradition of all those years was cancelled and we will see what it will be. It will be Something new and different." "I see tennis at home with not that much interest but now there is a series of players like Stefanos Tsitsipas, Alexander Zverev and Dominic Thiem who are getting to the same level as Roger Federer, Nadal and Djokovic.

I think they are not that far, I would like to see new players competing against the older guys." Marion Bartoli, a 2013 Wimbledon champion, said: "Rafa has an unbelievable humility. Despite everything he was able to win, he keeps competing at 100 percent, whether it's the first round or final.

That's very difficult to do. The way he hits the ball in training is tremendous." Nadal said: "Before, I remembered of everything and now I only remember the things that I believe are important. For the example, on Sunday, before the final, I was recalling the tournament in my mind and it took five minutes to remember who I faced in the final. I remember things but it's impossible to remember everything."

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