Rafael Nadal still likes football much more than tennis, says uncle Toni

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Rafael Nadal still likes football much more than tennis, says uncle Toni

In an interview with Onda Cero, Rafael Nadal' uncle Toni commented on his nephew's choice to play tennis over football. The 58-year-old said: "He liked and I think he still likes much more football than tennis.

I said that many times. If he had the chance to play for Real Madrid, he would have taken it. But as a kid, he started winning a lot of tennis tournaments." Daniela Hantuchova added: "The way he started off playing the third, even better than the first two sets, it was just incredible.

From then on, it was just one-way traffic. Dominic did stay with him for two sets but then it almost felt like he hit a little bit of a wall in the third set because it took him so much energy, the first two set Still he was able to fight until the end but this is where Rafa is the best we’ve ever seen on clay.

I don’t think we’re still able to appreciate enough what Rafa is doing in sports in general. As [his trainer] Carlos Moya said, maybe in 100 years people will finally realise this is the best thing that ever happened in the sport of tennis for sure."

Asked what his records in the French Open tell him, Nadal replied: "They tell me what they can tell everyone. It's what it is. It's one of the special things that happened in the world of sports. Happy and grateful for being part of that. Of achieving all those things. As always, I live the day by day and in a normal way."