Rafael Nadal will get married this year, says close friend

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Rafael Nadal will get married this year, says close friend

In an interview to Onda Cero, Rafael Nadal's close friend Tomeu Salva, one of the Jaume Munar's coaches in the Rafa Nadal Academy, confirmed that the 18-time Grand Slam winner will get married this year. Speaking to Onda Cero, Salva said: "We will be doing well.

Being with all his friends will excite him. We are getting older, Rafa gets married this year!" Asked who between Thiem and Djokovic he would have liked to face Nadal in the French Open final, Salva concluded: "I preferred Thiem, he is a great and top player, one of the two or three best ones on clay but he is not a Grand Slam winner.

Djokovic is Djokovic, he is much closer to Rafa. You are more respectful. It's a match where many things can happen although clay is Rafa's best surface. If you lose to Thiem, it's a shame." Asked if it's natural for him to see Nadal more as a person than as a legend, Salva added: "For me yes.

I see it as something very natural. I shared things with Rafael and so I see him as a person. Speaking of tennis, football, he is a passionate fan. I am very close to him. People fell in love with this player because of his mental strength, this passion, this energy.

In the beginning of the clay season Rafael was worse mentally, with doubts, but it's temporary", concluded Salva who is in Stuttgart this week.