Rafael Nadal is the greatest one in sports history, says doctor Cotorro

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Rafael Nadal is the greatest one in sports history, says doctor Cotorro

In an interview to AGI, Rafael Nadal's doctor Angel Ruiz Cotorro commented on the Spanish player's ability to go through injuries. The Spaniard admitted he had a mental letdown in March following the Indian Wells tournament.

Cotorro said: "He has a different passion than all the ones I met: more stronger and decisive. I think Nadal is the ideal competitor, the greatest one in the sports history. This desire helps him in any situation. We have been friends for 18 years.

Rafa is amazing also in working physically to prevent an injury. He is supported by the Spain's Tennis Federation that guarantees him, through me in tournaments, all what he and players need. I started with Conchita Martinez and Arancia Sanchez.

It's not a personal relationship." "There are people who recovers and who does not. The high level guys, pushed by their passion, have that quality. Rafa would always like to play but over the years he learned to pick the schedule.

The injury is part of an athletes' life." A video featuring Rafael Nadal as a 16-year-old in the 2002 Vigo Future Challenger has turned viral. The Spaniard was giving one of his first interviews and he dreamed to win a Grand Slam title.

Back in the day Nadal said he loved the grass or indoor surface, "although I also like the clay" His goal was to win Wimbledon. "It's very tough and you have to work a lot", confessed the Mallorca native, who would triumph at the All England Club in 2008 and 2010.

Nadal also said he was a Mallorca fan, "because my uncle cheers it and then Real Madrid" "I played football until 12 years of age", he said. "I started playing tennis since the three years because my uncle is a coach.

I became Spain's champion and I picked tennis" In 2002 one of the best Spanish players was Carlos Moya. "He is a great player and I would like to be like him." Now Moya is Nadal' coach.