Rafael Nadal to get French Open statue in 2020

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Rafael Nadal to get French Open statue in 2020

2020 will be a crucial year for the French Open. A new retractable roof on the Philippe Chatrier Stadium will be opened, and a statue in honour of Rafael Nadal will be built too. According to We Love Tennis, the 12-time tournament winner wanted the statue to feature him lifting the trophy.

After some talks, he accepted it to feature him while hitting a ball. In an interview, the Spanish legend Manolo Santana commented on the Rafael Nadal's 12 French Open titles. Santana said: "He plays unbelievable tennis.

He has a crazy forehand and he hits the ball and takes the ball early in such a great guy. I think he will be at the top for five or six more years. He is the best ever on clay. As long as he feels well, he will continue. His final win over Dominic Thiem was one of the best I ever saw in the history of the sport."

Meanwhile, John McEnroe, speaking of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic, said: "In the last ten years we saw the three strongest players in tennis history. After making the current generation die, even the following one may do the same.

Let's hope they are a reference point for the younger players like for me was my idol, Rod Laver." Analyzing the French Open final, McEnroe added: "I think Thiem lost the first set when he broke and then was broken back when he had another break point and didn't convert it and then he was dominated at the end of the set. And then again after losing the second set, he lacked footwork and confidence."