John McEnroe reveals Rafael Nadal's best quality

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John McEnroe reveals Rafael Nadal's best quality

In an interview to AGI, the seven-time Grand Slam winner John McEnroe commented on Rafael Nadal's 12 French Open titles. The American former player said: "Rafa has a mixture between body and technique, which is something really unique.

I do not know where he find all this energy from, he has amazing qualities that I really admire. His 12 French Opens are the biggest sports achievement ever, of all sports: already winning the same Major a couple of times is giant, doing it 12 times is just crazy.

His biggest quality is the mentality, the younger generations need to get inspired by that. They need to work on their game, but especially about this mental skill and passion that Nadal has. Through that, the Spaniard plays with an intensity that I had never seen before on a tennis court.

Also because probably nobody works like him in a training session. He is a great athlete, like it was Bjorn Borg, my greatest rival in the 80s." On tennis getting less and less popular in the United States, McEnroe concluded: "Women have had as an example the Williams sisters, on the men's side we last won a Major 15 years ago and we lose the most promising players that pick football and basketball.

Costs are too high, parents put too much pressure on their children who do not enjoy and stop." Meanwhile, KIA CEO Eduardo Vidar spoke about the Nadal effect: "Rafa was the best ambassador that the brand could dream.

He always showed his honesty, much more than what a sponsor requires, and he brought us popularity. Our relationship has been ongoing for years, but we had a lucky shot in choosing him. In 2004 no one thought he would achieve what he achieved, nor as a player or as a brand.

Many times they asked me how many cars were sold thank to Rafa Nadal. This question is impossible to answer, but I would say many."