Denis Shapovalov recalls his feelings before win over Rafael Nadal

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Denis Shapovalov recalls his feelings before win over Rafael Nadal

In an interview to GQ Denis Shapovalov recalled what his feelings were during his three-set loss to Rafael Nadal in the Montreal third round. The Canadian player said: "I thought, Hey, just remember you can be out here with these guys, you can’t win yet, but you can fight, you can push them until the end.

On match point, I thought, screw it, let me go for the down-the-line and see what happens. If I make it, I’ll win. If I don’t, I’ll probably lose the match. I blacked out after that. The stadium was so loud. My ears almost popped.

It was the loudest thing I’ve ever heard in any sport event ever”. Shapovalov also commented on his gamestyle “Growing up, I would always come forward and play aggressive, and my opponents would just lob over me and hit shots past me.

My mom was constantly telling me, ‘Don’t worry, one day you’ll grow and you’ll be able to get these balls. Keep coming to the net, keep being aggressive.’ So a lot of my style came from my mom”.

“As a person, I find myself to be shy and not that exciting, but on the court I feel like a different animal. We’re entertainers. That’s our job: to give the fans a good show. I grew up wanting to play on the big stages in front of all these fans, so when I finally get the chance to do it, I’m so happy that I let myself go. For me, I feel like the point is to go out there and express your emotions and your feelings for the game”.