Rafael Nadal has amazing body, never gets tired - Muguruza

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Rafael Nadal has amazing body, never gets tired - Muguruza

In an interview with Hoy, Garbine Muguruza praised Rafael Nadal's legacy in tennis. The 2016 French Open winner said: "There are athletes like Rafa who have an amazing body and that never get tired. That also depends on injuries, motivation, goals of each one...

It's a series of things that can make your career longer. What Rafa does is unbelievable. He makes us feel it's easy but we have to be aware that he is out of the league and that we are lucky to see a player like this."

On how she approaches Wimbledon, Muguruza added: "It's the first time I will play Wimbledon without a tournament prior to that. I will go there having enough time to practice, it's a surface that I already know and that will not catch me by surprise, but I will have to prepare it very well.

Physically I have been having some issues and I decided to take a rest and not play tournaments before in order not to run risks. "Before, I was more worried about it because it was something new and I wanted to raise.

Over time I stopped caring about it because I was on all the positions and lifting trophies is more important to me than a ranking position that changes every week." Asked if her perspective towards tennis changed as she spent several years on Tour now, Muguruza replied: "There are many things that do not change but evolve; you are a bit more experienced and that makes you calmer. I also get less emotional because I went through a kind of situations multiple times."