Maria Sharapova praises Rafael Nadal: He is the ultimate fighter

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Maria Sharapova praises Rafael Nadal: He is the ultimate fighter

Maria Sharapova praised Rafael Nadal's work ethics ahead of the Mallorca Open. The Russian player is set to make her comeback to the competition for the first time since January's St. Petersburg Open. Sharapova said: “He is the ultimate fighter and an amazing example of what you can achieve if you have the will and the passion for what you do.

I’ve always admired the way he has fought through all the injuries he’s had and he’s the greatest example of that. The sport is so physical, especially the way he plays, but brings an optimistic perspective on his work that he can come back and be a champion.

He is extremely motivated," said Sharapova as quoted by Reuters. On her physical condition, the five-time Grand Slam winner added: “The shoulder is doing well, I took my time in order to come back to my first event and feel that I have a really good chance at it.

With every match, it will be a good test, but I need to get it out into the battlefield to test it. You can heal all you want but when you get back to your sport it’s a different ball game. I still have many expectations (from) myself even though I think I also have many opportunities to do other things.

But this sport is very unique and special and I enjoy trying to be better every day”. Sharapova has been training in Mallorca for more than a week: "It’s a great place to train. The conditions here are maybe better than the rain delays you may have in England, maybe playing a couple of matches in a day”.