I felt ready to win Wimbledon in the last two years, says Rafael Nadal

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I felt ready to win Wimbledon in the last two years, says Rafael Nadal
I felt ready to win Wimbledon in the last two years, says Rafael Nadal

In an interview with CNN, Rafael Nadal commented on his five-set losses to Gilles Muller and Novak Djokovic in the last two years at Wimbledon. "Most people think, if you lose, he is not happy. Of course, it had been a tough loss against Muller.

Of course it had been a very tough one against Novak in that semifinals, because it was a big chance for me to win Wimbledon, but at the end of the day for me, what makes me happy is feel myself competitive after a lot of years suffering a lot playing on grass," said Nadal.

"I felt ready to go all the way." In a column for BBC, Andy Murray reflected on his comeback to the competition. The British player, who won the men's doubles title at the Fever-Tree Championships at Queen's with Feliciano Lopez, wrote: "I still haven't given much thought to when exactly I could come back in the singles.

I know how my body has felt after the matches over the past few days and, although I've had no pain in my hip, I've still been sore and a bit stiff. That's because my body needs to adapt to the new hip and the new movements, the stresses and strains I'm putting on it.

So I know I need to respect that process. I'm not going to rush this and I've no interest in doing that. I'm perfectly happy doing what I have done in the past week at Queen's. If my body continues to feel good and keeps progressing then I would like to try to and play singles.

But if it doesn't - and I get to a point where I'm playing and practising singles, and think I'm not quick enough or able to compete at a level I'm happy with - then continuing playing doubles is maybe something I'd consider."

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