Rafael Nadal was very mature when he came up, says Pospisil

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Rafael Nadal was very mature when he came up, says Pospisil
Rafael Nadal was very mature when he came up, says Pospisil

In a press conference in Wimbledon Vasek Pospisil commented on his admiration for the 18-year-old Felix Auger Aliassime. Pospisil said: "I think he has such a good approach. I mean, I don't really know how Nadal was. I remember he was very mature when he came up, was in his teens.

But that's not my era, but he has so much potential. Physically he's, you know, extremely strong and, yeah, he's very process driven. He has a really good team around him and a good approach, and I think the sky's the limit. Over the next couple of years, we'll see how he progresses." On his performance, Pospisil added: "I played well.

To be honest, it's probably what I expected a good-case scenario would be. Obviously, I know going into the tournament I made a few comments to my team, Oh, it would be nice to play somebody who's not too physical (smiling).

Then the draw came out and we were kind of laughing about it, because obviously to test the body, it would have been nicer to play somebody that's a little bit, you know, shorter points. But it was good. Like, so many positives.

He played great. I thought he played really well when he needed to, big points. I started the match well, and then, yeah, as it kind of went on, he just slowly raised his level and mine just slowly went down. Very positive for me. That's what I would have liked to have played like my first match."

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