Rafael Nadal: 'My watch weighs 18 grams. It is so light'

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Rafael Nadal: 'My watch weighs 18 grams. It is so light'

Rafael Nadal spoke about his Richard Mille watch that he has been wearing since 2010. The Spaniard said: "That's so light, I think. Is just 18 grams. Of course, is a sponsor. At the same time doesn't matter how much money they pay me.

If the watch is not working the perfect way for me to compete at the highest level, I will never wear a watch. So I am wearing the watch because they created a special piece that adapts very well to my wrist. We worked together for such a long period of time before I started playing with the watch years ago.

I am super happy to have this watch on my wrist, not only because is very comfortable for me, but because I have a big personal relationship with the boss of Richard Mille, that is Richard Mille. I am very honoured to wear his watches."

Asked how he deals with losses, Nadal replied: "I always accepted well the loses, no? Honestly, I never came in front of you and cry. Is just part of the game. When you go on court, you can win, you can lose. You need to accept both things.

Maybe you are not able to accept that when you go on court you can win. But you can lose, too. That's this sport. There is only one winner every single week. The rest of the players lose. Every time that you start the tournament, you know that is difficult that you don't lose that week because only one not going to lose.

Knowing that you fight for the victory, you give your best. At the end of the day, of course, win is important and special. But personally what I feel is when you try your best, when you do the right things, you come back home knowing that you did as much as you could, you are in peace with yourself."