Nick Kyrgios reveals what he admires the most about Rafael Nadal

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Nick Kyrgios reveals what he admires the most about Rafael Nadal

In a press conference, Nick Kyrgios shared what he admires the most about Rafael Nadal. The Australian player said: "I think just his ability, he plays every point. He doesn't take one point off. I feel like we're the polar opposites.

I struggle so hard to just play every point with a routine, have the same patterns. I mean, his 1-2 punch, his first serve and his first forehand is probably the best 1-2 punch in the world, apart from Federer. His ability to bring it every day and compete, it's special.

It's not easy. It's tough. He's one of the greatest of all times, so he's probably got a little leeway, I guess." On Andy Murray, Kyrgios concluded: "I saw he's in, like, a tight battle at the moment in doubles.

It's just good to see him around. I saw him in the locker room. We had a bit of banter. It's just good to see him. He had five pairs of shoes. I was like, Chill. A bit nervous to be back on court. No, he's good. I'm just happy to see him back.

It's good to have him around. He's a good guy." Nadal said: "In general terms, have been a very positive first set. Tough beginning of the second. But then I came back. I think I lost a little bit the concentration after all this conversation with the 4-3, no? Then I played a bad game.

Against a player like him, you lose a second, playing on the grass... I think I never had a breakpoint again during the whole match. So have been a tough third and fourth. But very happy the way that I hold the pressure. Very happy the way I played the tiebreaks with the right determination."