Rafael Nadal: Joao Sousa and I know each other very well

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Rafael Nadal: Joao Sousa and I know each other very well

Rafael Nadal commented on his next match against Joao Sousa in Wimbledon. The Spaniard said: "He has already won two great matches here. If he's able to win today, is going to be another good victory for him. To be in the fourth round, any player going to be tough.

I need to be playing like today or a little bit better if possible. We know each other very well. Practiced plenty of times together. He's a player that when he's winning matches, he's a super dangerous opponent against everybody.

He is very quick, very good physical performance. He's aggressive with his shots, he's going for the shots all the time. He's a player that sometimes he lose matches during the whole year. But when he starts to have a positive dynamic, is very, very dangerous, no? I think I saw him playing in Halle some great matches.

Here I saw him play the other day against Cilic. He was playing great. I don't know what is going to happen this afternoon, but is going to be a tough one." Sousa defeated Dan Evans on Saturday. On what facing the Brit would have meant, Nadal added: "I know him.

As a person, I really don't know him very well. He was always nice on the locker room honestly, saying hello everybody. Personally I don't know very well him. In terms of his tennis, I know him. I saw him play a lot of times.

He's a dangerous opponent. He has good serve, very good forehand. He understands, in my opinion, very well this game, no? He knows how to play tennis, how to build the points. Is a dangerous one."