Rafael Nadal shares why Wimbledon court speed is lower

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Rafael Nadal shares why Wimbledon court speed is lower

Rafael Nadal explained why the court speed in Wimbledon seems lower. The Spaniard said: “It’s not the surface. It’s the balls that are a little bit heavier. Sometimes it’s normal because we play on grass.

The balls get some humidity, that’s part of the game. It’s true that sometimes the balls are heavier than the other events here. I think the balls are always heavy here in Wimbledon, no? That’s something that, in my opinion, is the main thing that makes sometimes the game little bit slower.

“Honestly, the surface for me is the same as always. I have been playing here since 2003, I don’t see a difference on the surface. When I hear people saying, ‘That’s very slow, faster, slower than ever...’ Every time I am hearing the same.

Sometimes the feelings of the players are not exactly the same. For a player who is playing very well, they can feel the thing is perfect. For a player that is not playing that well, they feel slower or too fast because it’s difficult to find the timing out there”.

Nadal also reflected on his, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic's dominance. The Spaniard said: “What we achieved in the Grand Slams, in tennis in general, during the last 14, 15 years is something special. To have three players that achieved that much in the same moment is something difficult to repeat.

But here we are. Of course, somebody is going to beat us or we are going to leave because we are not young anymore”.