Tsonga: 'Nadal, Federer, Djokovic are the best ever'

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Tsonga: 'Nadal, Federer, Djokovic are the best ever'

In a press conference following his third round loss to Rafael Nadal in Wimbledon, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga spoke about how it has been like to compete in the same era as the Big Four. "For sure was not easy. Was really challenging to play with those guys.

Maybe the three or four best players ever in the same generation: Rafa, Roger, Novak, and some others, Andy. Yeah, so was not easy but very challenging. Anyway, today I'm proud of that because I'm one of the players who gave them some tough matches.

Yeah, that's it. They're all very good, and when they play at their best, it's really tough to beat them. That's it. That's it. I think they're the same. When they won more than 10 Grand Slam each, some of them are 20, others 12 times the same one, so yeah, they're all the same", said Tsonga.

"As a player, you have so many things to decide. You have so many things to put together, to play well and enjoy your career. Yeah, it deserves maybe some more time to answer this question. But I think for me the most important decision in my life was just to try to play tennis because when I was a kid, the Federation gave me the opportunity to play.

Other way, no chance I can play tennis. Tennis was too expensive for my family. And then I had this chance to play with the French Federation, and I took it and I decide just to try to be a professional tennis player (smiling)."