Rafael Nadal gives Cori Gauff one key advice

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Rafael Nadal gives Cori Gauff one key advice

In a press conference, Rafael Nadal was asked to give the 15-year-old Cori Gauff who has reached the Wimbledon fourth round. The Spanish player said: “I just will tell her that enjoy, and just work hard off court every time that she’s on-court or in the gym.

But then enjoy life, too. You cannot be all day thinking about tennis, no? I think everybody believes that I have been a very hard worker and it’s true. I have been a very hard worker on court. But outside of the court, I didn’t miss much during all my life.

I went for a party with my friends, I did all the things that they did, sometimes less than them but I was able to do it, no? And my feeling is she needs to grow the right way and she needs to live her experiences like a very young normal person, and then every time that she’s on court, keep enjoying and keep playing with that energy.

It’s great. It’s a great story, happy for her. I really hope that she has the right people around here. To have all this success in a positive way. Being happy, being relaxed and keep having the passion for what she’s doing. She’s so young and stories like Coco Gauff help the sport grow and helps younger people in the sport”.