Karen Khachanov shares what makes Rafael Nadal special

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Karen Khachanov shares what makes Rafael Nadal special

In an interview to Sky Sport, Karen Khachanov recalled his last year's third round US Open loss to Rafael Nadal. The Russian player said: "It was one of my biggest matches. That was really a big match and I was really proud of how I handled it.

Unfortunately, I could not win it but I earned a lesson from that. He is one of the toughest competitors on Tour, he focuses on every point giving 100 per cent. When he has chances, he takes them and you are suddenly down 3-0.

His fighting spirit really inspires me and I try to follow it." Asked about the most special Grand Slams: "French Open is one of my favourite ones and US Open too. For me as a kid I watched a lot of matches on TV in Flushing Meadows, it's one of the biggest stadiums on tour and Americans love tennis."

Khachanov concluded: "Every year is like that. Tennis is a different sport because every year, every tournament, you have the opportunity. You can win, you can lose. Every week you have to try to bring your best A game, right? You want to win.

Unfortunately, it's not like in the UFC fights or somewhere else that you are undefeated in general, right? Every year you try to be as better as possible, as best as possible. For me personally, I'm looking more at myself.

For sure the main priority is to be healthy. Unfortunately, if you are not feeling great, you cannot compete in general."