Cori Gauff will become world No. 1, Rafael Nadal's uncle and McEnroe

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Cori Gauff will become world No. 1, Rafael Nadal's uncle and McEnroe

On El Pais, Rafael Nadal's uncle Toni Nadal spoke highly of Cori Gauff's potential. The 58-year-old wrote: "The current women's Wimbledon will be remembered, probably, for Cori Gauff's breakthrough. This 15-year-old daughter attracted the fans and experts for her great tennis quality and maturity.

This development is both mentally and physically and she has qualities that usually belong to big players. She has very high level shots that make me think she is the next No. 1." John McEnroe, speaking of Gauff, said: "I think she’s going to be the number one player in the world, without a doubt.

I mean, I hope that it’s handled properly. It sounds so far, because you hear the parents saying the right thing. Here’s the question – she’s better than almost everyone to me already, once she gets out there, but she’s only allowed to play 5 tournaments until March.

Should they allow her to play more tournaments? Because she doesn’t turn 16 until then? But what if she’s in the top 15 in the world?” On Cori Gauff, Rod Laver said: "I have not seen her play but 15...

It's great to see the women's tennis keep bringing up young talent.." On Andy Murray and Serena Williams playing mixed doubles, the Australian concluded: It's great for the country and crowd who watched it.

A lot of times when I played some of those tournaments, it was tough to find grass courts to be able to play and enjoy the game. In Wimbledon I used to play singles, doubles and mixed and I even reached the final in all of the three. It's nice to see Serena and Andy playing together."