Rafael Nadal reveals how he spent the Middle Sunday in Wimbledon

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Rafael Nadal reveals how he spent the Middle Sunday in Wimbledon

How did Rafael Nadal spend the Middle Sunday in Wimbledon? The Spanish player, who rented a house near the All England Club, replied: “I follow series, films. I try to be informed, well informed, about the world reading the news every single day.

But be away from sport, if it's possible? No. I like sport. We had a friend who cooked a very good paella at home. That's all. Then in the afternoon, I watched Jon Rahm’s victory on television. At night I watched the Matthew Wolff victory on the television.

I watched the PGA and European Tour. I watched some women, the World Cup, of football, Women's World Cup. I watched some great matches”. Asked how he feels compared to one year ago when he lost to Novak Djokovic in the semifinals, Nadal replied: “The problem is when we compare, I can remember matches, but I can't remember feelings.

It’s one year ago. Difficult for me to remember how I felt. Every year is different. Doesn't matter how I felt last year compared to this year. Of course, I am in quarter-finals. Of course, I have been playing good matches.

Today was another good one. That gives me confidence. I know now starts the most difficult part of the tournament… it’s going to be a big challenge. I hope to be ready for it”.