Rafael Nadal: 'Sam Querrey can be very dangerous on fast surfaces'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Sam Querrey can be very dangerous on fast surfaces'

Rafael Nadal expects a tough quarter-final match against Sam Querrey on Wednesday in Wimbledon. The Spanish player said: "I think he played the semifinals in 2017, close match to be in the final. 2017 was an amazing year for him.

When he plays well, he can be very, very dangerous in all surfaces. But, of course, in fast surfaces, when he serves with his aggressive game, maybe more." Asked if the European tennis is more important than the American one, Nadal replied: "Tennis is a worldwide sport.

Is a global sport. I really don't think that's like this. Is true that during last period of time three players have achieved almost every single important tournament. They are from Europe. There is a lot of good players from the rest of the world."

Asked how he feels in the All England Club compared to the previous times, Nadal concluded: "The problem is when we compare, I can remember match, but I can't remember feelings. Is one year ago. Difficult for me to remember how I felt.

I never liked the comparations [sic]. Every year is different. Doesn't matter how I felt last year comparing to this year. Of course, I am in quarterfinals. Of course, I have been playing good matches. Today was another good one.

That gives me confidence. I know now starts the most difficult part of the tournament. Querrey, Sandgren going to be there in front of me. Going to be a big challenge. I hope to be ready for it."