Rafael Nadal plays better and better, says coach Roig

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Rafael Nadal plays better and better, says coach Roig

In an interview to EFE, Rafael Nadal' coach Francis Roig commented on Spanish player's level after defeating Joao Sousa in a straight-set fourth round match. "I see Nadal very well, competing and enjoying, especially, enjoying.

When he feels like this on grass, he likes a lot. He is a better player every time, he has more control of different situations on court. Yesterday (Monday) he hit the slice very well, he can also go to the net and do very well."

"I see Djokovic's matches and it gives me the feeling that excites me ten times less than when he faces Rafa." On the next match against Sam Querrey, Roig, who has been working with Nadal since 2005, said: "Querrey's (ball) goes very fast, for sure.

I have not seen much, really. This afternoon, over the time, we will analyze and speak. Querrey is a player who serves very well, with a good forehand, and that he hits very well on the backhand side. It will be a very hard match where two or three balls can make a difference."

On Nadal's loss to Querrey in the 2017 Acapulco final, Roig concluded: "It would have been better to win it, but we do not consider it at all."