Sam Querrey: 'Rafael Nadal does not give you a point'

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Sam Querrey: 'Rafael Nadal does not give you a point'

Sam Querrey expects a tough match against Rafael Nadal in the Wimbledon quarter-finals. The American player, who defeated the Spaniard in the 2017 Acapulco final, said: "He does not give you a point, and being lefty it's a challenge itself.

He is intense, wins points, has energy. And he knows when he is out there that he will do all the impossible to beat you. It's the first match we will play against each other here. It's complicated, especially at the best of five sets.

On my side I will try the best I can and hit hard on every point." The seven-time Grand Slam winner John McEnroe praised Novak Djokovic's talent and defence skills. The American former player said: “To me he’s sort of like a human backboard.

He’s got incredible length and flexibility. I would still try to bring him in, he’s not as comfortable. That would be what I would try to do. It depends on your style of game. You can’t ask someone who hits a big forearm but doesn’t like to volley to suddenly start serving and volleying, it’s just not going to happen.

Very few people match up against him, it’s extremely difficult. You’ve just got to play with a lot of energy and just bring it and just hope for the best”.